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"Picture Me Books®"

These darling little books are personalized with photos only, the stories do not contain the child's name or personal information.
"These books are perfect for your Pre-Schoolers"

Picture Me Books® are where imaginations play because Picture Me Books stimulate the imaginations of young children like no other books can. Patented Picture Me Books put kids snap-dab in the middle of fanciful stories, right along with their favorite characters---talk about fun! Interactive and entertaining, Picture Me Books combine any child's photo with full color illustrations to make each story come alive! Designed by a School Psychologist and Educational Specialist, award-winning Picture Me Books use a simple concept to take kids places they can only "read about" in other books.

Kids love to pretend, and when kids pretend, they're not just having fun, they're learning too. Through creative role play, children learn important lessons about life, social interaction, and self esteem. In fact, the sort of creative, imaginative play that Picture Me Books encourage, has been shown to increase IQ's and lead to greater creativity later in life!

All Picture Me Books are high-quality educational products that will encourage a love of reading, nurture young imaginations, and help kids make their greatest dreams come true!

picture me® books

Just insert photos into each book, then they are part of each adventure.

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